First post

I’ve decided to start writing about my powerlifting experience. At least I think I have. Time will tell. I’ve blogged quite a bit in the past, but that was a while back, so I’m not sure that I’ll actually keep up with this. Still, I’ve been looking for a place to talk a little more extensively about my movement into competitive powerlifting, so I think this will work out.

I’ll say that while I’m working towards competing in my first meet, I’m also working to recover from an injury this past February. While benching 405 for doubles I dumped the bar on my chest. I spent four hours in the emergency room afterward. While there was no lasting damage, I was pretty beat up, and I could barely move for a month. I couldn’t lift for another month afterward, so it wasn’t until April that I was even able to start training seriously again, and by that time I had lost more than 100 lbs on each lift, about 400 lbs on my total. Though about 50% of that came back pretty quick, I’m not up to full speed yet. To help I hired a coach, Jesse Burdick. With his assistance I hope to achieve the modest goal of a 1500 raw total at the USAPL Louisiana Summer Classic on July 12, 2014.



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