Monday, May 12

This marks the beginning of my second month working with Jesse Burdick as I prepare for my first competition on July 12. Today was dynamic bench day. I did 200 pushups for the main movement. The idea was to do them in as few reps as possible.
The first 50 were easy. I just repped those out with little issue. Then I got 25. Then another 25. That got through the first 100 pretty quick. Then, though, things started slowing down. I got two sets of 20, then it was a maximum of 15 to the end, and those weren’t the easiest.
Next was three sets of rolling triceps extension for 25 reps. You’re probably getting the idea now that Jesse is into volume. Then it was 200 reps of dumbbell rows. This sucked. It wasn’t the weight. It was the endless pulling. I started at 25 reps with the 100s. After two sets I moved to the 70s, but it didn’t make any difference, so I moved back up to the 100s. Like I said, it wasn’t really the weight as much as it was the sheer volume. By the end of the eighth set I was pretty miserable.
After this I moved to 100 reps of shrugs. Honestly, I was grateful. At one time I was regularly doing really high reps dumbbell shrugs, so this wasn’t an issue. I did 50 with the 120s, then 30, then finished with the last 20.
The last thing to do was hammer curls. Jesse loves these. I’ve never done so many hammer curls in my life as I have since he became my coach. I did 80-100. Honestly, I lost count.
So went Monday.


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