Thursday, May 15

Max Effort Bench

The source of my defeatI’m suffering from a pretty bad cold, so I was worried that today was going to suck before I even went to the gym. Nailed it.

Today was pin presses for max three. When I did 315 I knew I was in trouble. It was heavy, and it shouldn’t have been. In February, before I got hurt, I was doing this same exercise for 385. I didn’t expect to hit that since I’m still working back up, but I did expect to get to 345 at the very least. That didn’t happen. I hit the wall at 325. I got the third rep up to lockout, but barely. I tried 330, but all I got up was two. The entire time my head was screaming. It was hurting from congestion already, but all the pushing just elevated the headache to a new level.

Disappointed, I moved on to my other exercises. See-saw presses went ok with 50s, but that’s still lame. I was supposed to do pulldowns, but two kids were alternating between sorta using the pulldown machine and just sitting there talking. I didn’t feel like messing with them, so I went to the assisted pullup machine and offset my weight by 100 lbs. I did not get my specified 300 reps. I churned out 100. By then my head just wouldn’t let up even when I finished a set. I called it a day after that and came home.

This is the first time since I’ve started working with Jesse Burdick that I just quit in the middle of my training session. I feel pretty crappy about it. At the same time, just sitting here looking at this screen makes my head hurt, so I guess it makes sense. It still sucks, though.

Man, what a shitty day.


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