Saturday, May 17

Dynamic Effort Squat

My cold is in full effect today. It was rough yesterday, and I had hoped that it wouldn’t be so bad this morning. It was. Still, I didn’t want to miss a training day, so I got up and went.

My main movement today was box squats with 60% + average bands. I was trying to move quickly, but I don’t think there was much “dynamic” about anything I did today. But my goal was really just to push through it, so I did. Even though the weight didn’t fly up, it still wasn’t heavy, and I’m feeling pretty good about hitting my old numbers by July.

Speed deadlifts with bands followed. Again, they weren’t the speediest pulls, but they came up easy enough. I finished with hypers and abs. I didn’t do the number of sets I normally would on the accessory work, but I think that’s reasonable given that I’m pretty sick.

I haven’t eaten a lot the past couple of days. The cold has just killed my appetite. But that’s no excuse, so my plan today is to eat as much as possible. I plan on being uncomfortably full from here on out. Good times.


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