USAPL Women’s Nationals

Priscilla Ribic pulling 518 lbs for a Masters I National Record

The USAPL Women’s Nationals are going on this weekend. I came to Baton Rouge for most of Saturday’s and Sunday’s sessions. The women did not disappoint. Impressive numbers came up over and over. Several records were broken. In fact, there were so many records that it seemed that every other lift was a new one. It was nuts.
This video is Priscilla Ribic with her third deadlift at 518 pounds. This was a Masters I National Record. Ribic ended up taking first in her weight class with a total of something like 100 lbs over second place.
I’ve never used any supportive gear in my lifting, and every time I go to a meet and watch the geared lifters I bad want to do it. I’ll be lifting raw at this meet in July, but I’m strongly considering getting a suit and shirt and trying it out. I think there’s only one guy around here who lifts in gear, and I don’t think I can train with him, so I’ll really be trying to figure most of this out by myself. That’s a pretty significant issue, but this is just how things are, so, if I want to do geared lifting, I’m going to have to just figure it out. I’m pretty motivated for it, so I’m hoping it will work. If I make the move to geared lifting I’ll still do most of my training raw, but it would give me the chance to lift more weight and compete in other meets.
I still have a bad cold, and right now all I can think about is how much I want to deadlift.


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