Monday, May 26

Dynamic Effort Bench

bar biteToday’s main movement was push press. It was 60% for 15 sets of 3. That put me at 155, which was pretty easy. Everything flew up with lots of force. In fact, it came up a little too fast. On set 14 I slammed the bar into my chin. Hard. Really hard. Rattled my teeth. That was on rep two. I finished my last rep, racked the bar, and stretched out my jaw. My entire head hurt, but there was nothing to do about it but keep going, so I did.

Once I finished the push presses I did 200 reps of rows and 100 reps of shrugs. I was supposed to do hammer curls (have I mentioned that Jesse loves hammer curls?), but the gym was closing early today, so I had to get out of there.

In other news, I got my SBD knee sleeves in, but I think I’m going to send them back for a smaller size. I got the XXLs, and they fit snugly, but I think I could squeeze on a size down, and I want to get the most benefit out of them. Really, I’m not sure. I’d like to try a pair of XLs on, but I don’t know anyone who owns a pair. I’m still undecided. I need to figure it out quick, though, because I want to make sure everything is in well before the meet on July 12.


Monday, May 19

Dynamic Effort Bench

Today’s big movement was speedy bench with light bands. Jesse had programmed 40% + bands. Somehow, even while I had it written right in front of me, I read 60%. I’m using 405 as my base number, so I did 245 + light bands doubled for three reps for ten sets. I’ve had a cold for several days, and I’m exhausted, so I wasn’t hoping for much. I ended up killing it. 245 flew up, even with the bands which added about 50-60 pounds at the top. I know this because I used 55 lb dumbbells at first, and they picked up on my warmup set, so I had to go to 100s. After my less-than-dynamic dynamic squat day on Saturday, I was glad to finally have something go right.

One thing I changed today was my setup. USAPL requires that your heel stays on the ground during the lift. I’ve been on my toes so my feet could get underneath my hips. I was able to get decent leg drive like that without pushing my hips off the bench. Changing my setup was kinda tough. The result, though, was that I was even tighter than usual. My hips and lower back started cramping, and right now they have a steady dull ache going on. Still, I found a good position, and I might even be getting more leg drive than I was before.

The rest of the workout was fine, though I just felt crazy tired when it was all over. I had a headache, and I was light-headed. At the end I was doing hammer curls with these dumbbells that have a chrome cap. My head started feeling really weird, and I got this floaty feeling, and I realized the shine from the lights on the cap was messing with me. That was weird. I got worried I was going to pass out at one point and had to sit down. I moved to a different set of dumbbells, and it was better, but my head has been hurting ever since, and when I got hit by the sunlight reflecting off water later on, I got the same feeling. I don’t know what that’s all about. I’m chalking it up to being so tired from being sick for the last several days.

Basically, I feel like crap, but everything went better than I expected, and that’s all that matters. With any luck a good night’s sleep will clear up what’s left of this sickness. Or not. As long I keep lifting like today, I’m cool with feeling like shit.

Monday, May 12

This marks the beginning of my second month working with Jesse Burdick as I prepare for my first competition on July 12. Today was dynamic bench day. I did 200 pushups for the main movement. The idea was to do them in as few reps as possible.
The first 50 were easy. I just repped those out with little issue. Then I got 25. Then another 25. That got through the first 100 pretty quick. Then, though, things started slowing down. I got two sets of 20, then it was a maximum of 15 to the end, and those weren’t the easiest.
Next was three sets of rolling triceps extension for 25 reps. You’re probably getting the idea now that Jesse is into volume. Then it was 200 reps of dumbbell rows. This sucked. It wasn’t the weight. It was the endless pulling. I started at 25 reps with the 100s. After two sets I moved to the 70s, but it didn’t make any difference, so I moved back up to the 100s. Like I said, it wasn’t really the weight as much as it was the sheer volume. By the end of the eighth set I was pretty miserable.
After this I moved to 100 reps of shrugs. Honestly, I was grateful. At one time I was regularly doing really high reps dumbbell shrugs, so this wasn’t an issue. I did 50 with the 120s, then 30, then finished with the last 20.
The last thing to do was hammer curls. Jesse loves these. I’ve never done so many hammer curls in my life as I have since he became my coach. I did 80-100. Honestly, I lost count.
So went Monday.